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Short film and booklet showing what is usually lost between the viewer and their digital screens.

Personal Project

ISTD’s 2019 brief tasked the applicant to develop a ‘typographic work exploring the theme Lost.
In the past few years ‘screen addiction’ has become an important topic; many people feel they spend too much time looking at their phone, laptop, or teevee. Though any physiological or psychological aspects of prolonged screen use is not yet fully understood, many have begun to tackle this issue. Although the ubiquity and nature of this technology—hours upon hours of staring at screens everyday has been normal for decades—people often have very limited or no idea how they work.
I aimed to intrigue and inform views, as to inspire further learning on a topic that may not seem particularly interesting at first. This was accomplished with two outputs which display different amounts of information.

The first level is Screens! The Film!—a video which takes the viewer close up to a digital screen, showing detail typically not perceived by users.

The second level is Screens! The Film! The Booklet! Although this provides more in-depth information, the information is is also layered. Questions are presented in large and light neo-grotesk text, a short answer in a medium-weight contrasted sans, followed by more detailed, technical, and context-heavy information presented with an old-style inspired but modern heavy serif typeface.

Co. Mayo, Ireland

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