IMRAM — Féile Litríochta Gaeilge / Irish Language Literature Festival — asked our class to help promote their 2017 event. We produced 16 postcards, each a different interpretation of works by Irish language poets Rory Gorman, John McDonald or Caitríona NíChleirchin. The Project was included in the 100 Archive Selection for 2017.
My postcard was inspired by NíChleirchins 'Persephone', which featured the Mythical Greek figure Persephone carry the pain of her mother's death. I included the line 'Chlaon Persephone a cloigeann,' meaning Persephone bowed her head.

Psyche Öffnet die Goldschatulle by John William Waterhouse

When Persephone went down into the Underworld to steal Pandoras Box, she was tricked by Hades who gave her pomegranate seeds to eat. As she had tasted food of the underworld, she was obliged to spend six months of each year (the winter months) there, and the remaining part of the year with the gods above. One month for each seed she ate.

Printed on warm 275gsm Artika Postcard stock in Pantone fluorescent pink 812 U and Pantone silver 10262 U. 

The small size and simple form of the postcard, combined with the fluorescent and metallic inks created a need to consider how people will interact with them. The postcard can appear very different at other angles and contexts.

A selection of the fantastic postcards made by my lovely classmates.

The completed 'Wave' installation. 4,000 postcards held together with 4,000 paperclips, and only a small bit of glue and staples. Image courtesy of Clare Bell.

Keeping the Almighty Wave clean.

The shoreline.

But wait, there's more …